$1.50 Overnight For One Article In June With No Reads Or Views

The Mystery Of Medium Continues

Janice Tovey


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An article I wrote in November made $1.50 over night last night in the month of June. In March it had made 2 cents and in May a huge 1 cent. This morning I sat at a whopping $!.53 for what I thought was a dormant article. I guess not. Go figure. The funny part is, when I viewed the reads and earnings for June, there were none, a big zero.

It was a simple title. Meditation and John Mayer. It is a quick 53 second read. If interested check it out.

I know this kind of stuff can happen. I have heard it before from many of you. But what I can’t figure out it why it happens.

This kind of thing also happened to me in April. I earned $1.33 for one read. At the time, this mystery was also occurring for other writers. I wonder why.

Don’t get me wrong. I thoroughly enjoy this kind of mystery. I like earning money on an article that is over six months old and one that I thought was kind of a dud. I still believe it is a “flop.”

But, if the mysterious Medium algorithm wants to reward this reader with $1.50 I will take it and say thank you, and also wish all of the Medium writers the same kind of mysterious earnings.

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If there is a purely logical reason for this that I am missing…..I just can’t figure it out.



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