Addiction, Distraction, Obsession.

Janice Tovey
4 min readDec 18, 2021

But I like it!

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I have always been keenly aware that I had many interests. My focus can fluctuate monthly. OK, I will be honest, weekly. No, daily, hourly, OK OK by the minute!

But, I thought that was just kind of normal for a creative, easily bored, and rather high strung person. I come from a long lineage of Geminis, I am an Empath, and just generally curious about many things…..all at the same time.

It just so happens I was casually flipping through a magazine and an article popped out:



Why was my whole body tingling?

I felt a little woozy!

I wanted to skip to the article about Gourmet Grilled Cheese or 35 Kitchen Time Savers, but I pressed on.

Don’t get me wrong, I know what an additive personality is, but me, I don’t think so!

There was a wee survey at the end, and I started, with an air of nonchalant robustness, ticking boxes!

Extremely passionate about many things. Tick

Develops obsessions or fixations easily. Tick

Adventurous and risk taking. Tick

Related to others who have experienced addiction. Big Tick

Other mental health disorders. Tick

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Oh Oh!

I started to think. In 2018 I started knitting and knitted 70 hats in about two months! The most of which are packed away in a box in the basement. I ruminated over colors, combinations, pom poms, textures, jeweled or brimmed. Hmmmm!

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In 2019 I started a micro greens growing craze. I was going to get a little green house and grow them commercially. But it quickly got out of hand. I had little boxes of wheat grass, buckwheat and sunflower…



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