1 Daily Habit That Could Change Your Life

Janice Tovey
2 min readDec 24, 2021

A lemon a day may keep many things at bay.

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6 Amazing health benefits of lemons:

1. Lemons help control weight. Lemons contain soluble pectin fiber. If you eat the entire lemon the fiber expands in your stomach; you feel fuller longer. The plant compounds in the lemon peel known as polyphenols are also believed to be responsible for assisting in weight loss and control.

2. Lemons help to prevent kidney stones. When waste products increase in your kidneys and crystallize, small lumps form known as kidney stones. Kidney stones are common and people often experience them repeatedly. The citric acid found in lemons creates a less hospitable environment for kidney stone growth. It does this by increasing urine pH and increasing urine volume. 1/2 a cup of lemon juice a day may be enough to provide protection.

3. Lemons protect against anemia. Low iron is very common. Lemons contain citric acid and vitamin C. These nutrients help you absorb non-heme iron from plants. This can help prevent anemia.

4.Lemons support heart health. The vitamin C found in lemons protects your heart. This vitamin C and the other numerous plant compounds also help to lower cholesterol

5. Lemons may reduce cancer risk. Some studies have revealed that people who eat a large amount of citrus fruit have demonstrated a lower risk of cancer. Animal studies have shown that D-limonene, a compound found in the oil of lemons does have anticancer properties.

6.Lemons improve digestive health. Our digestive health is improved when we eat the soluble fiber found in lemons. However, you need to eat both the pulp and the juice to achieve this benefit.

Lemons contain a very high amount of vitamin C, plant compounds, and soluble fiber, thus making then a healthy daily addition to your diet.

Lemons may reduce your risk of heart disease, aid in weight loss, reduce anemia, kidney stones, cancer and digestive issues.

In addition to being a healthy fruit, lemons taste and smell delicious, and lemons are a welcome addition to many foods and drinks.



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