10 Proven Ways to Guarantee Success Every Day

Janice Tovey
2 min readDec 31, 2021

Set an intention and the universe will do the rest.

Successful and motivated people jumping with joy in the sunrise of a beautiful day.
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When you set an intention you must be specific! Constantly remind yourself of what it is you really want. To turn a specific mind set into reality you literally have to breathe, eat, sleep, and live your dream.

Here are 10 ways you can start your day to achieve the life you desire:

Tell a friend about your intention: Sharing keeps you focused and accountable. It encourages you to be specific about your desires and ambitions. It helps to keep you on track.

Add a ritual: While you are sipping your coffee or glancing at the newspaper, take the time every day to state your intentions. Pick a specific space everyday and think about what it is you really desire.

Engage in gratitude: First, focus on what you are grateful for right now. What you have in your life at this moment. Now, try practicing gratitude for the thing that you desire. Combining the gratitude for what you have and what you desire will help you to realize your goals.

Ask and let go: At the beginning of the day state what you desire. Immerse yourself in the goal. Envision it, think about it, and then let it go. Do not try to control every part of your day. Trust the process.



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