14 Amazing Tips for Blogging Beginners from Blogging Experts

Janice Tovey
4 min readJan 29, 2022

The best way to approach blogging

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As writers and beginner bloggers, we are always surprised when one of our articles does really well and another does not. What was it about that successful post that enticed so many readers?

Blogging is a bit of a combination of both art and science. The blogging experts contend that there really is no right way. However, there are plenty of successful bloggers out there, and they all seem to be saying a bit of the same thing.

14 Amazing Tips for Blogging Beginners:

Answer the most interesting questions being asked on social media: What are the topics that people want to read about? Find out and help your blog grow. You can find fantastic ideas for your writing on social media sites. Don’t overlook this valuable resource!

Become a member of the group you are trying to reach: This means understanding your audience. Do a little research to know what kind of material resonates. Ask your friends on social media for a trending topic. The answer will turn out to probably be a very engaging subject.

First and most importantly, write for yourself: Forget that others will be reading your work. If you put your focus on your ideas, opinions, and thoughts; how to articulate them best, the readers will come. Write authentically.

Don’t underestimate the importance of your email list: An email list is a fantastic promotional tool. Take good care of your subscribers.

Do not ignore your loyal readers: In your search for new readers, do you forget about your tried and true audience? This is not a good idea. Do not forget what you already have. Spend the time to demonstrate to your current audience their importance. This will guarantee that your blog will continue to grow.

Make your blog of value: Your readers are expecting content with information that is of some value to them. You should be meeting the needs of your readers. Find out what they want.

The importance of a call to action: This can be a sign-up to your email subscribe or a follow on social media. Don’t expect your readers to do all of the footwork. They won’t. Ask for what you want.



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