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Delicious Healthy Recipes

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These healthy and delicious recipes containing less than 200 calories each can be found in their entirety on bbc.goodfood.com

I have prepared many and they are so delicious!

And I love knowing they are healthy and low in calories and fat! They are a pleasure to devour!

I hope you enjoy discovering these amazing low calorie recipes and have fun creating and enjoying each one!

Here is an overview.

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One pan-egg and veg. brunch: It is vegetarian, healthy and filling. A great option for breakfast!

Masala omelette muffins: A healthy lunch option. This recipe makes four large muffins.

Roasted spice cauliflower: Flavorful, sweet and earthy, and guaranteed to please.

Creamy tomato soup: Low fat vegetarian soup with a smooth creamy finish! Delicious!

Crab and sweetcorn chowder: Low fat, delicious and so easy to make.

Forest fruit & banana smoothie: An ultra easy and smooth start to your busy day!

Thai-style steamed fish: A jam-packed flavor filled meal. Low fat and great with a side serving of jasmine rice.

Turkey burgers with beet root relish: These freeze well and are low fat and so yummy.

Marinated Smoked Salmon with poppy seeds: The fresh dressing is a nice change from the usual squeeze of lemon.

Apple Pie Samosas: Oh my gosh! So delicious! Low fat and always a huge hit!

Cranberry and raspberry smoothie: So healthy! Full of vitamin C and low fat. The whole family will love it!

Lightest ever meringues: These are so much fun to whip up. Change up the flavors with chocolate and citrus! Delicious!

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Everyone loves a delicious healthy meal. And knowing these recipes contain less than 200 per serving is a huge bonus! They are fun and easy to make, children and adults adore them, and they look so pretty!

My personal favorites are the Marinated Smoked Salmon with the poppy seeds. The addition of the poppy seeds is a delightful change.

I also loved the Crab and Sweetcorn chowder. So delicious on a chilly winter evening.

And for dessert, the Apple Pie Samosas. If you like samosas you have to give these a try.

I hope you enjoy these recipes from bbc.goodfood.com

Complete recipes can be found there!

Happy creating!

Happy cooking!



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