3 Plants Proven to Clean the Air in Your Home

Janice Tovey
2 min readJan 4, 2022

Naturally reduce your risk of airborne viruses and pollution

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The medicinal qualities of plants are well documented through history. Plants possess amazing healing properties. Many plants can improve the quality of the air in your home. Clean air in our space can significantly reduce the negative health consequences of airborne viruses and pollution.

The snake plant is also named the “mother in law plant.” It gives off oxygen throughout the night. In addition to this refreshing effect, oxygen has been known to induce sleep. More importantly, the snake plant can eliminate harmful chemicals in the air in our homes.

Snake plants are best positioned in eastern, southern and south-eastern corners of your home. Do not place the snake plant above any surfaces or tables. It should not be surrounded by any other indoor plants for best health. Spiritually, the snake plant is believed to enhance good luck. and emit a strong protective energy. The snake plants act as protection by repulsing negative energy.

The peace lily plant is also one of the best air cleaners. The peace lily plant has been know to increase humidity in your home by 5%. This increased humidity aids in sleeping and breathing. It has pretty white flowers and requires little light and watering. The peace lily plant is very low maintenance.

Peace lilies prefer indirect shade and sunlight. Peace lily plants are perfect for indoor environments. You could even put them in your office with fluorescent lights and no windows.South- or west-facing windows tend to be the idea locations for peace lilies. Both provide the right amount of light.

The aloe vera plant is one of the very best plants for improving air quality. In addition to producing oxygen at night; these plants needs very little water. This plant requires plenty of sun to keep it looking healthy.

Place your aloe in a sunny, bright place. It will go dormant and stop growing with no light. Water the plant heavily roughly once every two weeks It is best to wait until the soil dries out completely. The roots will rot if the soil is too moist.

The leaves produce a gel which is medicinal and can be used to treat minor cuts and burns.

Take advantage of improved air quality and better health and sleep with the snake plant, the peace lily plant, and the aloe vera plant

Beautify and freshen your home, improve humidity and air cleanliness, and have a restful night’s sleep.

If you are searching for a little luck, the following plants may be just the thing: palms: , lucky bamboo, money plant, snake plant, rubber plant, pechira money tree, jade plant, potted orchids, tulsi and basil, and the peace lily.

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