3 Warning Bells Signaling Your New Relationship May Break Your Heart

Janice Tovey
2 min readJan 14, 2022

Be aware of the red flags.

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We all desire successful and meaningful relationships. However, sometimes this longing can lead us to ignore potential warning signs.

The initial chemistry of a relationship is intoxicating. It feels good but can impair our judgement . We start to rationalize red flags. We unconsciously see the other person as positive because we really want to.

It is important in new relationships to take the time to reflect upon our true feelings. Emotions may signal that this new partner may lead to future heartbreak.

Three Signs That Your Partner May Be Future Trouble

  • A partner who believes that his own family and friends are more important than the partner’s friends and family may be cause for future heartache.
  • This kind of partner shows little interest in the other person’s life. It is all about them. Their family and their friends. They have a separate set of standards for themselves.
  • They are very egocentric and may have narcissistic tendencies.
  • A partner who believes that his or her life is more difficult than the other person’s life.
  • The partner who constantly focuses only on their own issues and troubles…



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