4 Amazing Health Benefits of Watercress

An ancient vegetable with superpower nutrients

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Watercress is an ancient vegetable enjoyed by the Romans, Greeks and Persians as far back as three millennia and boasts 4 amazing health benefits.

Also known as yellowcress, watercress it is a species of an aquatic water plant residing in the cabbage family. A perennial plant that grows very quickly and finds its roots in Asia and Europe.

Watercress rates as one of the oldest recorded vegetables eaten by humans.

And as one of the most nutritionally powerful vegetables, it rivals even the health benefits of its super charged close cousin kale.

With a meager 11 calories per 100 grams, watercress boasts 43 mg of Vitamin C and 120 mg of calcium.

4 Amazing benefits of watercress

  • Watercress has been shown to reduce the incidence of chronic diseases. Being a cruciferous vegetable, watercress is jam packed with antioxidants that act to protect the cells of the body from damaging free radicals.
  • Watercress helps our eyesight. It contains carotenoids, zeaxanthin, lutein and Vitamin C important for good eye health. It also helps to ward off cataracts.
  • Being a good source of calcium with few calories, Watercress strengthens bone development.
  • Last but not least, watercress is excellent for our heart health. The risk of heart disease is reduced by compounds that reduce cholesterol and blood pressure.

Possible Side Effects

Nausea and stomach irritation can occur with too much watercress. Pregnant or breastfeeding woman are advised against watercress supplements.

Because of the high nitrate content in watercress, individuals with heart problems should consult a physician before adding watercress to their diets as nitrate could interact and reduce the effectiveness of some medication.

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Watercress is often overlooked despite its powerful nutrient composition.

It has a subtle peppery taste and is delicious in a stir fry, salads, smoothies and soup.

Why not give it a try?

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