4 De-Stress Foods

Eat your way to calm

Janice Tovey


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Calm, cool, and collect may come in the form of food.

These 4 foods that pack a tension reducing punch and help relieve stress.

Red Bell Peppers have three times the amount of Vitamin C as an orange. Full of antioxidants they help to release the stress hormone cortisol. Less cortisol equals, better mood, reduced anxiety, improved sleep, and weight control. Crunchy and delicious red bell peppers delicious on pizza, stir fry, a colorful and welcome addition to tacos, and salads.

Dark chocolate is another great cortisol neutralizer. Studies confirm that individuals who ate dark chocolate on a regular basis had feelings of less stress and tension. Dark chocolate has a positive effect on heart health improving our cardiovascular systems. What a delicious way to stay vibrant and calm.

Grains are great. They increase the amount of serotonin in your brain. The feel-good neurotransmitter. You can’t argue with science. The more serotonin the better you feel. Oats, quinoa, whole grain breads and cereal will do the trick. Maximize your feel good chemicals against the negative effects of cortisol.

Green leafy vegetables are full of magnesium. It is that damaging cortisol again that magnesium can stabilize and lower to reduce stress related responses. Magnesium has a very calming effect. Try it before bed to improve sleep or add spinach or kale to your delicious morning smoothies.

Minimize your stress by reducing your cortisol and increasing your magnesium with delicious greens, even more tasty dark chocolate, the crunch of a healthy red pepper, or a warm bowl of oatmeal on a frosty cool morning.

Tip the positive and calming effects of stress reducing food in your favor.

For a calmer and happier life.

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