4 Powerful Foods To Boost Your Brain Power

Improve focus, memory and energy

Janice Tovey


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What you put on your plate really does matter. Specific nutrients can assist mental clarity, energy levels, and sleep.

Next time you are feeling a little tired or foggy, try incorporating some of these superfoods into your diet. You should experience the health boost quickly, usually within three weeks.

Superfoods are loaded with nutrients with every bite.


Magnesium is referred to as the “miracle micronutrient.” It assists in serotonin balance, reduces anxiety, and helps us sleep. I am happy to report that dark chocolate is one of the very best sources of magnesium with a whopping 64 milligrams per ounce.

Best sources of magnesium are legumes, avocados, flaxseed, and dark chocolate.


Collagen is very important to the gut lining. It actually helps absorb nutrients. Many of us eat healthy, but the goodness is not being utilized due to poor absorption.

Best sources of collagen include chicken, salmon, bone broth, and egg white.


Choline is important for coating nerves, focus, memory and learning. It is found naturally in eggs if you consume the yolk. Four servings of choline per week is recommended.

Best source of choline are fish, tuna, salmon, cod, shitake mushrooms, eggs, beef, chicken and turkey.

Milk Thistle

This is an herb that does not occur naturally in the body. It is especially important for liver health. It does readily occur in artichokes.

Best sources of milk thistle are found in milk thistle tea, and ground thistle added to smoothies.

If you have been looking for foods that help enhance memory, increase attention span, increase clarity, and improve brain function, then why not put one of these superfoods on your plate.

Enjoying a brain boosting diet just makes good sense.



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