4 Self-Sabotaging Words

The damaging illusion of time

Janice Tovey


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There are four words that signal failure from the starting gate. Do you know what they could be?

Are you tired and frustrated, feeling like you are never able to reach your goals. You know the life you desire but it feels like it is out of your grasp.

You witness other people succeeding, living their dreams and wonder why you are not. They are no more educated, talented, or worthy.

So, what is going on?

Success and failure are intrinsically connected to our thoughts and the words we say.

What we think and say is powerful, the driver’s seat for our beliefs, about the world and ourselves.

There are four words that can sabotage everything in our lives.

So many times, in the day we are uttering them repeatedly.

You are immediately blocked from reaching your goals when you say or think them. They make it almost impossible to succeed.

It is up to you to get in the habit of getting out of this habit.

These can be four of the most damaging words in your vocabulary.



“I don’t have time.”

Sound familiar!

I don’t have time.

I don’t have time.

What is time, you can’t possess it, and it seems there is a scarcity.

Time doesn’t care about me, you, or anyone for that matter. Humans created it. It isn’t even real. Time isn’t even real! It’s a convenience, or inconvenience depending on how you use it.

Time is a handful of sand.

The only thing you can do is make time.

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You have a lot of power in this life. You can use this power to create the time you require.

If you can’t possess it, what else can you do?

You can decide what it is that you really desire from your life and make the time.

If you don’t, scarcity of time will sabotage your success.

Don’t let the illusion of time hold you back.

Make your own!

Janice Tovey 2023



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