4 Words That Signal Failure

Drop these dangerous words if you want success

Janice Tovey


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Want to reach your goals?

Stop right now uttering these four words.

Many of us repeat them over and over multiple times a day.

When you say these four words they block you from reaching your goals. They make it nearly impossible to succeed. Make it a habit to eliminate them from your vocabulary

These are four of the most destructive words in your vocabulary. They are guaranteed to sabotage success.

Curious about what they are?

“I don’t have time.”

Are you guilty of repeating these four words throughout your day, everyday?

I don’t have time.

I don’t have time.

But, this it turns out is a lie.

Because you can’t own time, and there will never, ever be enough time.

Humans don’t have the ability to possess this thing called time.

Time doesn’t care about you, or us, or anything. It doesn’t even know we exist. Time isn’t even real! It’s just something humans created to make life more convenient.

Like the image, sand is a handful of time, nothing more.

The harder you try to grip it, the more it slips through the cracks in your fingers.

What else can you do if you can’t possess time?

The only thing can do is make time.

You have a lot of power in this life. You can use this power to create the time you require.

Decide what it is you really want out of life, and MAKE the time.

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If you don’t, time really will sabotage your success.

Start right now. Do what you want to do. Take action to get what it is you desire.

Don’t let time hold you back.

Create your own time and move forward toward success.



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