5 Destructive Body Languages

Non-verbal cues that are sabotaging your relationships

Janice Tovey
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Non-verbal cues can be responsible for making or breaking a relationship.

Five of the most common damaging body language cues and how to prevent them:

Disrespecting physical boundaries: We all know the feeling. Someone standing way too close to us. We just want them to back off. Do you or someone you know make it a habit of standing too close to others. This can make individuals around you feel very uncomfortable. Be aware of and respect personal boundaries to ensure a pleasant connection.

Avoiding eye contact: Have you ever been talking with someone, and they refuse to look at you. What are they hiding. How does this make you feel? Do you have spinach in your teeth? This behavior can indicate dishonesty and boredom. Maintain an open and gentle gaze to enhance a connection.

Non-stop fidgeting: It’s that person tapping their pen on the desk or fidgeting with a paper clip that makes you want to leave the conversation. Excessive movement can reveal you are jittery and nervous. To look more confident stay compact and composed and show genuine interest in the other person and the conversation.

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Defensive posture: We all know this one and it sabotages open communication. Keep an open and welcoming stance. A posture that appears closed off can be interpreted as hostile and defensive.

Checking your watch: This action clearly indicates that a person does not want to be where they are. Non-stop looking at the clock or a watch can indicate boredom or impatience. Practice being mindful and present in the conversation to reinforce good connections.

These 5 negative non-verbal cues are easy to correct.

Awareness is the first step.

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