5 Inflammatory Foods

To avoid to decrease your risk of arthritis

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It has been estimated that as high as one quarter of the American population suffers from painful and stiff joints from arthritis. While there is no cure for arthritis it is comforting to know that dietary changes can lower the arthritis risk.

5 Foods that Reduce Inflammation:

Gluten: You don’t have to be celiac to enjoy the benefits of a reduced gluten diet. Studies reveal that reducing gluten helps to reduce joint inflammation and pain in everyone. Individuals who have participated in elimination diets with gluten collectively experienced less stiff and painful joints. A gluten sensitivity may be the culprit and cutting out gluten the answer.

Red Meat: Lamb, beef, pork, and veal are high in saturated fats and have been shown to increase inflammation and painful stiff joints. Pepperoni, hot dogs, and bacon are the most inflammatory. White meats and plant protein are composed of less fat and have less of an adverse effect on our joints. When consuming meat, look for leaner cuts.

Sugar: Sugar continues to get a bad rap and for good reason. Especially added sugars. Dairy desserts, candy, soda pop and pastries contribute to elevated inflammation. Cytokines are produced in the body when we eat too much sugar. These cytokines or inflammatory proteins are already elevated in people with stiff and painful joints. Reducing the consumption of additional sugar can help to ease pain and stiffness. If you would like to reduce your chances of arthritis related symptoms, reduce your sugar consumption for less pain and better health.

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Highly Processed Foods: Fast food such as baked goods and breakfast cereals are often high in refined grains, preservatives, added sugars, fructose, and other inflammatory ingredients, which could worsen inflammatory conditions such as arthritis.

A large majority of the processed foods have increased amounts of Dietary advanced glycation end products (AGEs). These AGEs may contribute to oxidative in the body resulting in more inflammation. Guilty are hot dogs, mayonnaise, American cheese, fried bacon, and salty snacks. Eating highly processed foods correlates with obesity and increased insulin resistance and can trigger arthritis.

Highly Salted Foods: Foods containing excess salt are implicated in inflammatory diseases. It has been found that on average we eat twice as much salt as we should which is roughly one teaspoon a day. Fries, hamburgers, deli meats, pizza, canned vegetables, and frozen dinners are to blame. It has been suggested that reducing your salt intake by one teaspoon a day is as good as taking blood pressure medication.

Reduce your daily intake of these inflammatory producing foods to ward off stiff achy joints and to reduce your risk of developing a chronic disease like arthritis.

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