5 Medium Facebook Groups to Help Writers Succeed

Janice Tovey
1 min readJan 3, 2022

Connect, learn, share, and support; gain followers, reads, and money

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We all desire more followers, more readers, and to learn from the best. Why not join a group of like minded individuals? Share your stories, get feedback from the professionals, and gain those precious reads.

Why join a Medium Facebook group?

  • Help newbies navigate the Medium platform.
  • Get support from fellow writers.
  • Connect with others on a similar writing quest.
  • Get more Medium reads. Most participants are paid members.
  • Ask Medium related questions.
  • Learn, improve and make more money.
  • Help perfect your writing. Your chances for curation and publication increase as your writing improves. Get advice from the professionals.

Make sure you read the individual rules for each group. Break the rules and your will be removed from the group.

5 Medium Facebook Groups:

  • Bloggers & Medium Support (208 Members)
  • Medium Writers (238 Members)
  • Medium Mastery (679 Members)
  • Writers Guild (99 Members)
  • Grow Your Blog Movement (1337 Members)

There are plenty more of Medium Facebook Groups to join. Do a little investigation to determine which group best suits your needs.

Happy writing!



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