5 Types of Music to Transform Writer’s Block Into Writing Supremacy

Listen to classical, video game, binaural beats, white noise and guided meditation

Janice Tovey


A music concert.
Photo by Nainoa Shizuru on Unsplash

Creativity and sound are intrinsically linked.

When stressed our brains go into “crisis mode.” In this state of higher tension, we are blocked from access to our higher processing functions. Inspiration, creativity and motivation evaporate.

Writer’s block takes up residence.

Sound has a momentous impact on the brain, creativity, motivation and productivity.

5 Types of Music to Transform Writer’s Block

Classical music increases dopamine and oxytocin. These make us feel good.

Video games keeps us focused. Concentration increases and writing improves.

Binaural beats reduce anxiety, increase creativity and focus.

White noise blocks out distractions and improves concentration.

Guided meditation soothes the mind/body connection A relaxed state fosters creativity and inspiration.

Listen to these sounds the next time you are stuck.

Witness your writing transform.



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