52 Most Powerful Blogging Words For Success

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Janice Tovey


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There is an art and a science behind the use of words. It is called copywriting. Copywriting basically refers to selling products and services by using influential and powerful marketing words.

As writers and bloggers we are also marketers. Our product is words. We have to ensure we are using the best quality. We have to harness the power of words.

Ever heard of David Ogilvy? He was known to be pretty much the best advertiser of all time. If you see a word with an * beside it, this is one of his marketing gems.

Words with a sense of urgency: Quick*, Expires, Instantly, Hurry, Now*, Soon

Words that increase your reader’s comfort: Satisfaction, Smooth, Easy*, Simple, Quick, Painless, Cinch, Best-seller, Straight-word, Ironclad, Success, No-full, Tested, Protected, No-fuss

Words that promote quality and originality: Fresh, Pristine, Brand-new, Premium, Luxurious, Spick-and span

Words that promote exclusivity: Limited, Rare, Edition, Select, Exotic, Few, Authentic, Exotic, Unique

Words that promote action: Extraordinary, Revolutionary,” Amazing*, Sensational*, Miracle*, You, Improvement*, Results, Magic*

Words that arouse curiosity: Introducing*, Compare*, Stop, Start, Discover, Release, Wanted*

I hope you find that the information in this article helps turn your viewers into readers!

If you are interested in more genius from David Ogilvy you can check out his book:

Ogilvy on Advertising in the Digital Age

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