6 Amazing Advantages of Google Docs For Writers

You have to check this out!

Janice Tovey


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I had just completed a story, and had offered to send it to the recipient in “Word.”

“We use Google Docs” came the reply.

Oh oh! Google Docs?

Who knew? I certainly didn’t. After transcending the initial learning curve, I fell in love.

Take a few minutes and find out why!

Discover the 6 best features of Google Docs. Especially if you are a writer.

Voice Typing:

My all time favorite feature so far of Google Docs is the voice typing. Yes, you are reading this right. You can sit back, speak, and earn. You talk, it types. Wow! Select “tools” in the menu, “voice typing,” hit the microphone icon, and start speaking. Just click the red microphone to stop.


My second favorite feature is the “share” feature. Complete your story, type the recipient’s email address, and push “share.” Would you like a friend to check your stuff before you publish? So easy!

Grammar Check Add-Ons:

You are allowed “add-ons” for grammar and spelling, the tracking of your daily writing, and help with citations. What a convenience.

Offline Mode:

You are at the park, There is no internet. Simply enable the “Offline Mode” and type away.

Full Screen View:

Select “view” and then “full screen.” The toolbars and menu disappear. Press” Esc.” and they reappear. If you like a nice spacious screen, this feature is for you.

Research While You Write:

Search the internet from within your Google document. No need for multiple open windows.

Text to Speech Feature:

I love the new “listen” feature on Medium. I really do. I just wish we could hear our work before we publish. With Google Docs we can. You will need to use the Google Chrome web browser with a Chrome Vox extension. Open your document and select the document or relevant text. Click on “accessibility” in the toolbar, and select “speak” in the “speak option.” It is that simple. I am really looking forward to trying this feature.

Now you can copy and paste your document over to Medium.

These are six of the amazing advantages of Google Docs for writers.

I know I have enjoyed experimenting with Google Docs. I hope you will too.

Happy Writing.



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