6 Big Surprising Health Benefits of Water

Is your body receiving its daily dose of goodness?

Janice Tovey


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All of us have heard the advice that says drinking 8 glasses of water a day is just plain good news for our health. The popular and well known benefits of this daily habit are well documented.

These health boosts include: weight loss, joint lubrication, oxygen delivery, skin health, brain and spinal cord protection, body temperature control, better digestion, removal of waste, mineral and nutrient absorption, kidney protection, exercise endurance and hangover protection.

The amount of water you require varies depending on a few factors. In general for females the recommended daily consumption is 8–9 cups and for males it can reach as high as 13 cups.

The benefits of water consumption cover almost every well known area of the body. This makes it hard to imagine that the simple act of ingesting this liquid on a regular basis could reveal yet another pretty incredible result.

Well it turns out it does!

Let’s look at dental health.

In addition to the benefits noted above, drinking water can significantly improve your dental health. Who doesn’t want that?

We know the inconvenience, anxiety, pain and expense that come with dental problems. And a healthy mouth is so much more than the absence of cavities. It promotes fresh breath, a dazzling smile, and adds to the enjoyment of eating.

So what does water do?

  • Drinking water helps your mouth stay clean. Water consumed on regular intervals throughout the day rinses off the acid and food residue that remain after some foods. Water also washes away excess sugar and bacteria. This residue when not removed leads to cavities.
  • Drinking water helps increase our saliva. When we don’t have enough saliva we experience dry mouth. Dry mouth can lead to tooth decay. Staying hydrated ensures we have adequate saliva.
  • Drinking water lowers your incidence of bad breath or halitosis. The water helps keep your mouth clean by getting rid of the bacteria that causes odor.
  • Drinking water ensures your gums keep healthy. Gingivitis and tooth loss is…



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