7 Of The Very Best Blogging Tips for Beginners

How to add value to your reader’s life

Janice Tovey


Adding value to your blog by writing about useful things that the reader values.
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I am going to begin by asking you a question.

What things keep you returning to your favorite blog? You know, the one that has you impatiently scrolling down the page. The blog that has you chomping at the bit for motivation, inspiration and the chance to learn something new. That special site that adds unique value to your life and can not be located elsewhere.

See what I am getting at?

When we blog we should be writing about what we would like to be reading. That is the essence of a blog. Write what you want to read. You are not blogging for yourself (we call that journaling). You are blogging for readability.

We must give our readers the content they desire. Otherwise, they will move on.

7 Blogging Tips:

Ignite Interest and Inspiration: Do you create content that is outside the box? If you don’t you should. Unique content provides readers with a great inspirational kick. Discuss controversial topics, a unique travel destination, or showcase an eclectic outfit. Provide your readers with inspirational ideas that they never knew existed. They will be back for more.

Share one of your insights: If you have a highly guarded secret the time has come to share. Have you gone swimming with sharks, descended into a volcano, or overcome a challenge. You are unique, and sharing your individual experiences allows your readers to broaden their horizons. Talk about your ambitions and goals. This will challenge your readers to set some goals as well. Your blog can and should be as unique as you.

Encourage, support and empower your readers: Remember the power of words. Your words. If you are sharing a challenging or troubling time in your life, try and end on a positive note. See the silver lining in every problem. Talk about how much you have learned from your troubles. This attitude is uplifting, and will empower your audience. It is alright to ask your readers for support and advice. This is a good way to engage your readers.

Share your resources: When you share your resources you are creating valuable content. Provide information about other websites, share links to…



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