7 Reasons Why I Love The New LISTEN Feature On Medium, I Really Do

I just wish that we could……….

Janice Tovey


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I love the new LISTEN feature on Medium, I really do. I think it is the best thing since “gluten free sliced bread.”

First. I love the man’s voice. It is rich and reflective. Is it full of the perfect amount of expression. He reads our work with refinement and eloquence.

Second. I love being able to multitask. I can be in the kitchen preparing dinner and with my laptop by my side I can also listen to great stories. This is fantastic. I can spend an hour listening and working. The very best of both worlds.

Third. This feature is great for auditory learners/listeners. Some retain best by listening. It only gets better when we can engage simultaneously. Read and listen.

Four. I think this LISTEN feature encourages us all to read more, and probably finish the story. It is human nature to skip through posts. We are impatient; we have lots to read and write. When we listen, we are more relaxed. Listening is a pleasant activity. It requires less effort. I believe this feature may provide all of us with more consistent stats.

Five. The narcissist in me loves to hear the sound of my own voice. Well, not my voice, but the voice of someone reading my work. I love to listen to the sound of my own writing. It makes be happy, inspires me, and motivates me to keep writing. That is a good thing.

Six. I only wish we had the opportunity to listen to our writing in draft form. I have picked up on spelling and grammatical errors after published listening. No matter how many times I check my articles, I still miss things. But, when I hear my words, I pick up on the errors right away.

Seven. It’s all good. We can’t have everything.

Thank you Medium.

I really do love this new LISTEN feature.



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