8 Essential Rules of Survival for Empaths

Protect yourself from harm, harness your power, shine your light.

Janice Tovey
3 min readJan 17, 2022


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You are an empath. You vibrate at a higher frequency. You are a light warrior.

You are exactly what the world desperately needs.

There are different rules for you. Essential rules necessary to keep you from harm and allow you to survive in a crazy world.

8 Essential Survival Rules for Empaths and HSP’s:

  • Acceptance. Empaths must accept that most of the feelings they are experiencing are not their own. They will soon pass and offer some sort of relief. Be picky about with whom you share your life.
  • Protection: Surround yourself with an invisible shield throughout the day. Let only the people you want in to be a part of your life. This will protect you from feeling drained.
  • Be wise. Authentic fulfilment comes from accepting your gifts and utilizing them to the best of your ability. Do not drown uncomfortable feelings in drugs, food or alcohol.
  • Surrender. Food disorders and obsessive thoughts are common in empaths. The need to control is always there. Everything does not need to be perfect. You do not need to be perfect. Acknowledge and surrender your control.
  • Meditation. Tune into your special knowingness by spending time alone. It is vital for empaths to be able to connect and re-root with their own bodies. Give yourself the opportunity to release emotions that are not your own.
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  • Earthing. Get recharged in nature. Walk barefoot or lay on the ground as often as possible. Touching the earth is healing and cleansing. Try child’s pose in yoga. Touch the ground after contact with a lot of people. Learn to shake off shadow energy to prevent from getting sick. Offer it to Mother Earth. She will take it back.
  • Release: Dance, sing, paint, play sports. Find constructive, enjoyable ways to transform and get rid of energies that are not your own. Get lost in a creative outlet to transmute negative energy. This will allow you to vibrate at…



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