8 Reasons Why You Really Do Need To Aim High And Dream Big

Start sharing your dreams with others

Janice Tovey


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Somewhere over the rainbow, bluebirds fly

and the dreams you dream of really do come true.

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Do you aim high? Do you dream big?

If not, why not?

Everyone has dreams. Are yours fulfilled?

Big dreams give us meaning and purpose. They just make life more fun.

Write down one of your big dreams right now. Stick it on the fridge, wall, mirror, or on your computer. Look at it often. We require dreams in our lives to help us achieve our major goals.

8 Of The Best Reasons To Dream Big:

Dreams give us something to look forward to. We are excited, and having a dream generates enthusiasm. Isn’t this what we all desire?

Dreams help us concentrate on our long term goals. We desire a pleasant reality and a better life. Dreams give us something to work toward.

Dreaming big will extinguish limiting beliefs. Dreams force us to challenge our thinking and patterned ways of behaving. We are free to consider other possibilities.

Dreams force us to develop new habits. Often our routines are not working in our favor. We are forced to develop new behaviors, rituals and routines.

Dreams encourage us to enlarge our social networks. We need new people in our lives with fresh perspectives. We thrive and grow with collaboration and support.

Dreams help us to refine and clarify our visions. We see the bigger picture when we dream. We concentrate on what is really important to us and the method to achieve our goals.

Dreaming big inspires others to do the same. You will inspire everyone around you to take risks as they watch you realize your dreams. You will lead by example.

New opportunities will be attracted to you. Let your dreams be known and people and resources will manifest.

What are you waiting for?

Take another look at what you wrote on that sticky note. Start sharing your dreams and goals with others. Begin with one important goal.

Don’t just dream about it. Make it happen!

Happy writing.



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