8 Super Foods For Empaths and HSP’s!

Janice Tovey
3 min readDec 16, 2021

High energy, high vibration foods for the highly sensitive Empath.

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Empath’s are highly sensitive to energy. All energy, including the energy of food.

More specifically how the food is grown, sold, prepared and served.

If your mother was an angry cook, you are eating the energy of the emotion of anger. If you are in a rush when you cook you are ingesting anxiety and “the fight of flight mode.

Food made by machines entirely for profit is the energy of greed, and pesticides are the energy of death. The energy of antibiotics and growth hormones from factory farmed animals, and the energy of pain, torture and fear of slaughtered animals is abundant in our food.

Being energetically sensitive means that we are constantly absorbing huge amounts of stimulus. This includes mental, physical, and emotional. When an Empath accumulates too much “debris” in our energetic bodies there are energetic problems.

Empaths need to have a good relationship with their physical bodies. “Our capacity to not only be in our body but also properly tend to its needs has a direct impact on how much/little energy we perceive and retain in our aura.” leap yoga

Photo by Yu Hosoi on Unsplash

When you feed yourself organic fruits and vegetables, you are absorbing the spirit of plants, and the positive energy of a farmer who cared for his crops.

It is important that Empaths and HSP’s think of everything as energy, including food. An Empath will likely feel more alive after eating organic foods with a higher vibration. Lower amounts of gluten, less or no refined sugar, and raw or warm food as opposed to cooked food. Have you tried to eat healthy only to feel worse; take note, it could be your body trying to detox physically and energetically after years and decades of foods with a low vibration. So don’t give up!

Giving thanks before a meal raises your energy and your bodies ability to absorb the nutrients.



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