Dump 8 Thoughts, Ditch the Roadblocks, Move On

Embrace a success mindset.

Janice Tovey


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Are there things in you life that distract you from your goals? Things that you hold unto dearly in your mind. Things that you think you can not live without, but in fact hold you back and derail your happiness and success.

Maybe the time has come to bid them farewell.

You can accomplish this mental declutter by resisting the urge to add more stuff to your life. Instead, try removing negative things that could be restraining you. Some of items are easy to shake. Others may require substantial time and effort.

Get Rid of These 8:

Get rid of Perfectionism: It is a waste of time and unattainable. Everyone can make the decision to become a better person. Instead of focusing on your flaws, move forward by taking small steps to toward self improvement.

Eliminate Fear: Fearful attitudes will prevent you from achieving your goals. Remove fear, be brave, speak up, voice your own thoughts, and actively pursue your dreams.

Don’t Make Excuses: Realize that we are each responsible for our own lives. Successful people do not blame others. They know they hold the power to improve their lives. You are lying to yourself when you make excuses. These lies will hold you back from realizing your dreams.

Stop trying to control everything. It is futile to attempt to control everything in your life. It will just make you feel stressed and upset. It definitely won’t help you succeed. Try to care less about the things that you can’t control. Focus instead on the things that you do have power over.

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Get rid of a fixed mindset. Make an effort to change your perceptions. Don’t get stuck in the past. Embrace new knowledge and learning. Remember you have the opportunity to change the way you think.

Don’t look for overnight success. Don’t rely on luck to become successful. Or chance. Luck can sometimes play a part but luck is fickle. Success takes dedication and time. Good planning is more important than luck.



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