A $5.00 Box of Cereal Last Month Now Costs $8.00

What is really going on

Janice Tovey


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My box of cereal costs $8.00. Last month it was $5.00

Gas is almost $2.00 a litre. It was over $150.00 to fill my econobox.

Bird seed jumped from $16.00 to $26.00 overnight.

“Janice, how can you be so selfish?” “Don’t you care about what is going on in the world?” “Don’t you know people are suffering?”

Of course I do. There is inconceivable heartache, destruction, injustice, and death.

I watch the news. My heartbreaks. I wish I knew what to do.

But, I also don’t want to bury by head in the murky sandbox of rhetoric, sentimentality and lies.

I am reminded of the war in Ukraine, Covid, production costs, shipping costs, and supply and demand. I just kind of feel that we may all be being taken for an “expensive ride.”

Could there be more?

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Is there a silver lining?

The price of food is way up. Are we making wiser and healthier food choices?

Are we walking, biking, car pooling or taking public transit?

Are we kinder and gentler to our neighbors, communities, and people living half way around the world.

Has the world banded together?

Are there less cars, planes, industry, and cruise ships? Is our planet getting a much needed break?

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Can we now see the stars?

Do species on the brink have a chance?

I am not sure what the point of this article is, or how I am going to tag it.

They say:

The truth will set you free.

Let’s hope so.



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