A Blogger’s 7 Deadly Sins To Avoid At All Cost

Now we also know the 7 things not to do as a blogger

Janice Tovey
2 min readFeb 8, 2022


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We have all read countless articles instructing us what to do to be successful bloggers.

This post covers WHAT NOT TO DO as a blogger.

Let’s face it. We are serial writers. We have to be on top of our game to keep up with the competition. We must ooze creativity and energy 24/7. Coming up with new tricks of the trades takes a lot of time and commitment. This continuous effort can feel daunting and scary.

But in our haste for stardom and glory, we must be wary not to commit one or more of a blogger’s 7 deadly sins.

The Seven Deadly Sins:

  1. GREED: You care more about your personal accomplishments and gains than you do your readers. Remember the valuable relationship you have with your audience. Without them you have nothing.
  2. ENVY: You do not write authentically. You try to copy another writer’s style. Develop your own special brand. Do not steal.
  3. PRIDE: There is a great deal of terrain to cover. You become guilty of self-absorption and single mindedness. Don’t make it all about you. Diversify and search out new topics of interest to your readers.
  4. WRATH: Don’t make enemies. You are…



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