Janice Tovey
2 min readNov 19, 2021
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For what it is worth.

I like to have some structure in my writing day. Some thought about where and how I will direct my focus, and why.

Do I delve in immediately and continue a latest story or put energy elsewhere.

What is the first thing that gets my attention!

Well, I was all over the place when I starting writing on Medium. One day I would do something, and the next day I would work entirely different. If this works for you great!

I required a little bit more of a plan so I came up with my 11 steps. I complete them every day in the same order. This gives me a sense of structure and accomplishment.

My 11 Steps:

Give thanks, for Medium, this opportunity, and especially your fellow writers. We learn so much from each other everyday!

Set an intention for the day. I will approach this day with openness, kindness, gratitude. Whatever works for you.

Check on your new followers. Then follow back the writers who spark you interest.

Pick two of your new followers, read a short story from each, and clap, comment or introduce yourself.

Look at that little green glowing bell. Return a minimum five of the responses. Thank people for claps, comments…



Janice Tovey

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