An Older Article Gains Some New Traction

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Janice Tovey


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It is so true what they say. “You just never know when one of your past articles may pick up some speed, and start seeing more views, read, fans, claps, and earnings.

One of mine did.

I wrote it in January.

Our next door neighbor and good friend suffered a massive heart attack in his home just before Christmas. He was in his early fifties. Neither his wife nor the paramedics were able to save him.

Everyone was deeply shaken. My husband included.

The article is titled:

I hesitated for days before publishing this piece.

However, out of this tragedy came some positive change. For example, as the title suggests, my husband made a personal commitment to improve his health. I see many of our neighbors out for their daily walks. This is something new.

My hope was for this topic to act as a source of inspiration. It seems to be doing just that based on the views, reads, and comments.

I now have proof that what they say is true. “You just never know when one of your articles may pick up some speed and start seeing more views, reads, fans, claps, and earnings.

Happy writing.



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