Be Open To Being Wrong

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Janice Tovey


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We waste so much valuable time defending ourselves in our position to be right! Imagine the creative possibilities if we opened ourselves up to the freedom of being wrong.

Not getting it right, being way off base, left field, out-of-touch, and just wrong!

We have heard that it is OK to make mistakes but do we really believe this? How much of our ego is attached to make the right move, the right decision, giving the right answer, all of the time.

Making those mistakes is a part of the human existence and sets up the stage for some valuable learning. Making an erroneous anything is a required step most often to opening the door to an opportunity to learn a new skill, acquire a new perspective, or take a small step forward.

Shame, guilt, and embarrassment are the emotions associated with mistakes. We feel vulnerable and humbled. And we tend to dwell on our mistakes way more than we ruminate about our successes.


You are more than your mistakes. They don’t define you. You are not a bad person because you messed up. We all make mistakes. Other people are really not thinking about you or your mistakes that much. No one is perfect.

Own up rather than deny your mistakes. This will help you gain control over a situation. Denying your errors just postpones making what was wrong right. This practice will become easier over time.

Confide in a friend. A compassionate ear will make you feel better. Don’t hide your mistakes.

Replace negative self-talk with positive. We have all heard this before. Don’t steam in negative thoughts about yourself. Focus on your efforts, not your value. Instead of “ I will never do good at this.” say “I will try to do my best.”

Self-compassion goes a long way. Be your own best friend!

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Making mistakes does not decrease our value as a human being. We aren’t perfect. We weren’t meant to be perfect. In order to grow and evolve we have to make our fair share of mistakes.

What is on the other side of fear?

What are you afraid to do because you might make a mistake?

How would it feel to try?

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