Janice Tovey
2 min readDec 4, 2021

Can you say DUST MITES!

Did you know that making your bed every morning is actually a disgusting habit!

Can you say dust mites! These hideous creatures thrive in a warm, moist, cozy home. On average, each bed contains, ARE YOU READY more than a million Dermatophagoids pteronyssinus, living in your pillows and mattresses. These critters munch away on the skin you shed and their poop can cause symptoms resembling asthma. They are hazardous to your health!

Disgusting right! Bright sunlight causes these horrible mites to dry out and die. But if you prefer to tuck them in, you are giving them a safe and cozy place to breed every night. Yuk! A hazard to you health!

Courtesy of UpSplash tania-melnyuczuk

If you are one of the lazier ones you are actually doing your health and the atmosphere of your home a huge favor. Leaving these horrible creatures exposed to the natural atmosphere of your home will kill them. No more sleeping with the enemy.

No more hazards to your health!

To rid your bed of these dirty invaders, sprinkle your mattress with baking soda and vacuum every couple of months. Your vacuum will be full of little dust mite corpses and you will be healthier.

If you prefer a pristine appearing bedroom, the perfectly made bed, perfectly propped pillows, perfectly matched spread with the perfectly matched bed skirt by all means continue making your bed.

And enjoy sharing your space with theses pooping and dead skin munching critters. And the potential of health hazards including asthma.

I get it, it is psychologically comforting to have a made bed. It gives us the feeling our lives are in some kind of order.

Photo by Reynier Carl on Unsplash

I think I would prefer to have a less than perfect looking bedroom with an unmade bed then play hostess to these horrible little creatures every night!

So what are you going to do!

Leave your bed unmade!

Let the sun shine in!

And have a healthy, restful sleep!

Sweet Dreams!

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