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Burn out is not uncommon! And it is real! The World Health Organization has recognized burn out as an occupational phenomenon.

Burn out is serious! It can cause fatigue, insomnia, substance abuse, heart disease, Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and sadness and irritability.

And burnout is on the rise. Often, this distressing state is masked as anxiety, depression and moodiness. Burnout has sneaky symptoms that are often difficult to diagnose.

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  1. A feeling of detachment and lack of motivation. Your nerves feel frazzled and life is an act of going through the motions, almost purposeless. It has been compared to a hamster in a wheel. Spinning away but going nowhere.
  2. There is no more excitement or enjoyment in your life. The things you once liked no longer interest you. You do not engage in your hobbies and you withdraw from relationships.
  3. You are easily made to feel irritable and frustrated. Minor things make you moody and angry. Your reactions are exaggerated, and you have a very short fuse. So many things get on your nerves.
  4. You are constantly in a state of anxiousness and guilt. You are not at your best and you feel alone and isolated. There can be tightness and pressure on your chest, the sensation of a great weight.
  5. You are unable to concentrate. Simple tasks become daunting, and your memory fails. You are continually distracted and forget small details.
  6. At work your performance flounders. You are not completing tasks and your confidence is taking a hit. This contributes to a further downward spiral.
  7. You may experience unexplained bowel or stomach problems, headaches, and other physical complaints.
  8. You feel like you have no control or power over events in your life. You may fell trapped or stuck in your life.
  9. You may turn to drugs, food and or alcohol to help you feel better or to numb your feelings.
  10. You sleep habits may change. You may feel like…



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