Can AI Be Ethical

Or Moral

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Are you living in an ethical and moral community, town, city, country, world? Is your place of work, education, leisure, or worship ethical/moral?

We just have to open our eyes and ears to know that ethical and moral behaviour is in short supply.

Who gets to judge?

According to a peer-reviewed paper published in Science and Engineering Ethics, artificial agents are still far from being able to replace human judgment in complex, unpredictable, or unclear ethical scenarios. the Megatron Transformer, an AI system, said that it could never be ethical, owing to the fact that “it is a tool”23. Journal of Science and Engineering Ethics

Morality and ethics are fluid through time, space, and location. Behavior that may have had us thrown in jail fifty years ago is totally acceptable today if not expected. Ethical behaviour (?) and socially acceptable norms maybe very different in North America then other countries.

It is true that the fast growth of artificial intelligence (AI) has delivered many opportunities around the world, such as creating better work environments by increasing efficiency, facilitating better diagnosis in the medical world, and enhancing human connections through the ever-evolving world of social media.

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However, these lightening bold changes can’t come without raising some disturbing and profound ethical red flags.

The dangers lie in AI’s very real potential to come with attached biases, the potential to be a threat to human rights, and the potential to add to the weight of already dangerously precarious worldwide degrading climate. AI has the power to compound further pre-existing inequalities with the devastating outcome of harming groups that are already marginalized.

Behind the scenes of AI’s brilliance lies an energy-intensive process with a staggering carbon footprint.

Lack of complete data: If data is not complete, it may not be representative and therefore it may include bias. …

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Can AI be ethical?

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