Chosen For Future Distribution And I Believe These Are The 4 Reasons Why

The 4 important guidelines for curation are image, title, formatting and quality

Janice Tovey


Photo by Nicola Styles on Unsplash

The article that was chosen for the coveted “Chosen for Future Distribution” designation was titled:

Delicious and Healthy Tofu (or Chicken) Vegetable Stir-Fry

Chosen for further distribution.

Was I surprised!

At first glance I could distinguish no special features. Why this post and not one of the other 99 articles I had painstakingly and lovingly produced.

Upon close inspection, I believe I met the curation specifications in 4 distinct areas.

Image: I have started, wherever possible, using my own images. Relevant pictures I have taken with my phone. For this post I downloaded an image of the plated food along with key ingredients. It was a simple and clean layout. I guess it worked. And, of course I included a reference to the author of the photo.

Title: The title was straight forward, properly descriptive, and contained no clickbait. It was formatted correctly and of a good length. It was interesting and hinted at the content of the story.

Formatting: Medium wants to see perfect formatting. The post should look good on the mobile app. Keep your reader in mind when formatting. Include appropriate spacing, styling, sections breaks and paragraphs. The read should be enjoyable. This article was a short 2 minute post with one original image, one book reference, a short discussion of chronic disease and life-style, followed by a practical application. The recipe for a healthy meal.

Quality: This post was free of grammatical, spelling and formatting errors. Medium likes it when we give our readers something to think about later, something to takeaway. I provided health information and then an easy to follow nutrient dense recipe. Getting deep and personal will help your articles get curated. Give your reader value.

What won’t be curated:

  • Stories about Medium.
  • Posts containing undisclosed affiliate links.
  • Posts with too many “call to actions.”
  • Articles containing duplicate content. Don’t re-publish an old article with a new title. You could get suspended.

You just never know when and which article could be picked for the coveted designation of “chosen for future distribution.” But, if you follow these simple guidelines, your chances of curation stand a must greater chance.



Janice Tovey

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