Janice Tovey
2 min readNov 17, 2021

Could be a game changer!

Courtesy of UpSplash Neil Thomas

It was for me!

I woke up this my morning feeling down. I was having serious doubts about my writing abilities. No seriously!

I frantically scanned my mental landscape for inspiration. ZIP, NOTTA ZERO! I had nothing!

I am a newbie. I compare myself to the rest of you. You are ever so brilliant!

I am the tight rope walker, nervously grasping that wire, you, the trapeze artist, who fearlessly flips, flies and free falls through the air.

Psychologists report that intrinsic motivation is more important than external motivation as a predictor of success.

But on this point, I beg to differ.

I awoke to 12 new followers, a few claps and comments. I was ecstatic!

I rolled up my sleeves, corrected my posture, and began pounding away at the keys.

Never underestimate the power of a good intention. A random view, clap, or comment may be pivotal for a writer in a slump. It was for me!

I have a proposal!

What if everyday, every one of us, chose one random writer, read one random article and gave a little clap or comment.

What if that one person is sitting, like I was, ready to throw in the proverbial towel. What if this simple gesture of support provided the impetus for inspiration!

Like a text from an old friend, a smile from a stranger, or an anonymous gift, just for today, just maybe, we can be the much needed light in the life of a fellow writer.

Janice Tovey

My passion is writing. I also love reading, teaching, animals, nature, music, and humor. I am curious about everything and enjoy writing about all things.