Correct Posture Can Increase Your Health, Wealth And Power

Stand up straight for life changing affects

Janice Tovey



How many times have your heard these words?

You are tired. You have been working all day. It takes energy to sit or stand up straight. It feels so good to sink into a soft couch.

Turns out grandma may have been right. Good posture plays an integral role in our physical and psychological well being.

Proper posture is more than just looking good!

Good posture is the one most important thing anybody can do now to look better.

Helen Gurley Brown

Who doesn’t want to look better right now?

Don’t believe it?

Try this simple exercise:

  • Stand and let your head hang forward, droop and round your shoulders. Imagine you are a ninety. See how you feel.
  • Now, your neck and head are erect, chin is parallel to the floor, shoulders are pulled back and in line with your chest. See how you feel.

Poor posture leads to a myriad of health conditions:

  • Headaches are caused my daily neck straining thanks to computer and cell phone use. Under constant strain, muscles in the back and neck start to ache.
  • Incorrect posture can cause restrictions. You may find you are unable to turn your head or raise your arms. This tightness can lead to chronic back and neck pain.
  • Poor posture can compress inner abdominal organs, resulting in decreased function.
  • And if these aren’t enough reasons to stand tall, poor posture has also been implicated in depression and low mood.

The Research:

Research suggests every emotion and thought is linked to a unique function in the body. This pathway is reciprocal. If you are depressed or upset you may slouch, if you compress the body with poor posture, you may become depressed.

Try the following:



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