Don’t Let Progress Sabotage Your Success

How progress may be working against you

Janice Tovey
1 min readJan 7, 2022


I know what you are thinking.


How can progress and small steps of achievement be counter productive? This runs opposite to everything we believe about goal setting and success. Can this be true?

Well it turns out that it is.

However, the problem is not with progress itself. Progress is what we all want. Small gains make us feel good. And that is where in the trouble lies. Progress makes us feel too good. And even then, it is not these pleasurable feelings in themselves. It is the degree to which we let the temporary euphoria distract us from our end game.

Medium writers have posted feeling “on top of the world” when one of their articles is curated, goes viral, or they achieve top writer status. And they almost simultaneously talk about “what now,” and the sort of “let down” they feel after this achievement. They have let progress distract them from their goals. The every day grind of writing, writing more, improving, and their passion for writing.

Progress is motivating. It feels good and can inspire hard work and self control. The important thing to remember is to view your achievements and progress as stepping stones. As proof that you are committed to your long term goals. That you are moving in the right direction.

Progress can be distracting.

Long term goals matter more.

Don’t let progress sabotage YOUR success!



Janice Tovey

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