Empaths Love Their Pets

That special connection between animals and their humans

Janice Tovey


Photo by Mike Knapek on Unsplash

I love my dog. His name is Joey. He is a 14 year old pug. He is deaf and going blind. He has the heart of a warrior and the soul of an angel.

He is impish, stubborn, childlike, wise, kind, protective, and filled with unconditional love and joy. Everyday is Christmas Day for Joey. Even with arthritic joints and poor eyesight, he bounds down the stairs into the kitchen to eagerly await his breakfast.

When I look into Joey’s eyes I see hope, optimism, trust, love and eternal joy.

When I have a bad day, Joey has a bad day. When I have a bad night, Joey has a bad night. I don’t know why but it is the truth.

When I look into my little dog’s eyes, I am filled with a type of love that I simply can’t explain.

Joey intuitively knows me. He knows what I need. Believe me, I realize this sounds silly. There is a deep love and spiritual connection that comes with having a dog.

Joey fills a hole in my heart and heals my soul everyday. I am never alone if Joey is near.

An empath shares the ability to share and understand the feelings of another.

And there are many types of empaths.

Animal empaths tend to have much deeper connections and experiences with their pets. These experiences are nurturing and restorative.

It has been found that empaths in general experience dog expressions more deeply. Empaths often feel the facial expressions of dogs more intensely than they feel human expressions. This is particularly true if one had a pet as a child.

Looking into the eyes of my dog and loving him unconditionally makes everyday so much better. When I have had a crummy day Joey sits on my lap to calm me down. When my anxiety is high, my dog gives me a little lick and invites me to pat him. When I am restless and agitated we go for a walk. And everything is all right. My clarity, calmness and perspective is restored as I watch him wander around his wondrous world.

When I wake up to the sight of Joey’s pug tail I am filled with joy. Dogs are always happy to see us. Their loyalty and love shine through their loving eyes.

I have deep and strong connections with my family and friends. But there is nothing quite like the love between a dog and an empath.

Dogs teach us about patience, trust, loyalty, forgiveness and eternal optimism.

It is all of this plus so much more that make dogs an empaths best friend.



Janice Tovey

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