Ever Feel Like Everyone Hates You?

There is a reason for this unpleasant, distorted and distressing thought

Janice Tovey
3 min readMay 1, 2022


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It is easy to hate and it is difficult to love. This is how the whole scheme of things works. All good things are difficult to achieve; and bad things are very easy to get. Confucius

Love me or hate me, both are in my favour. If you love me, I will always be in your heart, and if you hate me, I will be in your mind. Qandeel Baloch

It is human nature to hate the man whom you have hurt. Tacitus

Why do we sometimes get that uncomfortable feeling that someone doesn’t like us. We feel it in our gut. It can even go as far as to feel like hate.

We have done nothing to think of to incur such disdain.

I have felt it. It has just come out of the blue. I sensed it immediately. Someone really didn’t like me, or I had “rubbed them the wrong way.”

Let’s take a look at this from a mental health perspective.

Mental health issues can make it very easy to wrongly believe that people you know hate you. It is a struggle many of us can relate to. Your brain is being cruel.

If a person hasn’t spoken to you in a couple of days or hasn’t returned your texts, they are probably just really busy. They are not ignoring you because they secretly hate you.

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How YOUR behavior may be reinforcing your distorted belief that everyone hates you.

  • Do you push people away before they have a chance to push you away to avoid being hurt. Do you test them with bad behavior to assess their loyalty?
  • Do you read way too much into simple daily interactions? Do you constantly “read between the lines,” searching for signs that someone is displeased or angry with you? Are you forever trying to figure out if you have done something wrong?
  • Do you fear rejection and appear defensive and distant in an effort to protect yourself? Do you go as far as to convince yourself that…



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