Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Valentine’s Day Or Not

Janice Tovey
2 min readFeb 12, 2022

Whether you hate it or love it, Valentine’s Day is here to stay

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Did you know that 5.6 million people choose to become engaged on February 14th? Next to Christmas, this is the most popular day for such romantic commitments.

Two U.S. territories became U.S. states on Valentine’s Day. In 1859, Oregon, became the 33rd State. Interestingly enough, it took the residents of Oregon a full month to hear the news. It was disseminated by telegraph, stagecoach, and steamship. Fifty-three years later Arizona followed as the 48th state.

Americans it turns out, are a pretty apathetic group when it comes to Valentine’s Day. February 14th rates low on the list of favorite holidays. However, there is still a lot of cash that changes hands in the form of cards, flowers, chocolates and jewelry.

In some countries, women are buying the chocolates. In Japan, women give the gifts. In the U.S., men spend twice as much as women on this romantic holiday.

The popularity of Valentine’s Day has soared during the pandemic. Valentine’s jewelry sales were up by 15%.

Billions of dollars are spent on Valentine’s Day. In 2021 the number was in fact $21.8 billion. In 2020 that amount was 27.4 billion.



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