Janice Tovey
Nov 9, 2021


Famous author, favorite food!

Just for fun, let’s take a look at the favorite food of some of our best known authors:

George Orwell — Plum Pudding.

Agatha Christie — Devonshire Cream

Jack Kerouac — Apple Pie

J.D. Salinger — Roast Beef

Jean-Paul Sartre — Halva

Truman Capote — Italian Summer Pudding

Walt Whitman — Coffee Cafe

Sylvia Plath — Tomato-Soup Cake

Willa Cather — Kolaches

John Steinbeck — Posole

I was very curious about the Tomato Soup Cake! It is a classic cake from the 1950’s and calls for one can of tomato soup. It is described as a moist and fluffy spice layer cake with no tomato taste. Here is a link to a Tomato Cake Recipe if you are interested. Tomato Soup Cake.

I have a weakness for anything Thai.

What about you?



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