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Janice Tovey


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I had debilitating anxiety a few years back and wrote a book about my experience. The valuable lessons I learned, and the steps I was forced to take to get better.

It took me almost 4 years. Today, I can say I am doing OK.

In 2018 I hit a wall. My life disintegrated. I fell completely apart. It was a result of many years of stress overload. My body and my mind shut down. I just couldn’t take anymore I guess. At this point, I had no control. My entire being said no more!

I broke. I lost myself.

Of course I still have some bad days. But I have learned to manage. I am alright. And alright to me is EVERYTHING.

It took a ton of time and even more hard work. I had to dig deep, deeper than I have ever in my life. It took more courage, faith, vulnerability, trust and acceptance then one could ever imagine

I clawed my way out of a deep dark hole. There was no light. There was nothing but extreme anxiety and fear 24/7 for many years.

But today I am well.

Mid-way through this experience, I decided I would start to write about my journey; the valuable lessons I had learned; the resources I had discovered, and the steps I took to get well.

When I had the energy, I wrote a few words a day. Then it slowly increased. By the end of a very distressing 2 years I had a book.

I forced myself to navigate the Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing site and eventually self-published. November 2020. It was a lot of hard work.

This book is less about me and much more about mind set, inspiration, choices, motivation, resources, support, courage, and HOPE. It is one hundred pages of helpful information.

It is definitely not a master piece! It is an honest attempt to document my experience.

This is on the back cover of my book:

This is my first book. Writing it had not been on my bucket list. But neither had a “nervous breakdown.” However, I decided to write about what I experienced after I completely “fell apart.” In doing so “in telling it like it was,” it is…



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