How The Dark Force Of Sentimentality Is Ruining Your Life And The World Around You

Sentimentality is a threat to our individual health and collective conscious

Janice Tovey


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Have you ever had that niggling feeling when something obscure or intangible is bothering you. You can’t quite figure out what the problem is?

I have had this uncomfortable sense for some time.

However, I believe I have finally been able to put this conundrum to rest.

I have discovered the culprit.

The Irritant Is Sentimentality

Do you soar on the coat tails of this feel good emotion? Or rather, seek shelter from untruth and unpleasantness under the widespread wings of falsehood and over simplification.

Are your knuckles white with strain as you grasp the remnants of residual emotions, pleasant thoughts and nice feelings?

Sentimentality is just one of those words with which we dare not mess. It is like criticizing motherhood, sliced bread, babies and puppies. Gasp! These things are good, they can only be good, can’t they?

How we fight for the right to preserve our sentiments. How deep the nerve struck when challenged.

Sentimentality is generally associated with a positivity. An emotion almost sacred. Sentimentality feels deep and personal. Rational discourse won’t move us. It can’t be taken.

This dark force makes sentimentality dangerous. We fight to the end. We sacrifice our life, and the lives of others to preserve this “nice” feeling.

We refer to other’s as sentimental if they show very strong emotional attachments to objects, places, special events, or eras.

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We often associate “good” people with sentimentality. But, this emotion is not always linked to warmth and goodness.

Sentimentality also bubbles up in murderers, oligarchs, demagogues, and politicians.

The Italian dictator Benito Mussolini, referred to Adolf Hitler as a…



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