How To Sleep With Frozen Shoulder

Reduce the pain of frozen shoulder at night

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If the pain of frozen shoulder is keeping you from a good night’s sleep, do not despair. There are numerous strategies to help you sleep well with a frozen shoulder. Lack of sleep due to the pain of frozen shoulder is common and quite manageable.

We all require sufficient sleep. The importance of good sleep is even greater when recovering from a frozen shoulder.

The sleep experts recommend seven to nine hours of refreshing shut eye a night. I wasn’t getting enough. Are you?

My frozen shoulder pain kept me awake for months. I was lucky to get two or three hours. My nerves were frayed and my emotions on the brink of collapse. To survive, I had to find sleeping strategies. And I did.

Why does Frozen Shoulder hurt worse at night?

Is It Just My Imagination?

In the daytime we are active and distracted. We forget about our pain. At night, the intense discomfort of frozen shoulder rears its ugly head. We can’t sleep.

Scientifically speaking, during rest, blood flow to the body slows down. The kidneys become less able to remove water leading to retention and increased internal pressure. Our bodies swell. This higher pressure increases inflammation and pain. There is a legitimate reason for your night time pain.

How Do You Stop Frozen Shoulder Pain at Night?

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Gentle Stretching

  • Try performing very light upper body stretches. These gentle movements help to relax stiff muscles and decrease inflammation and discomfort


  • Take advantage of pain relieving medications like Aspirin and ibuprofen. These over the counter pills ease the night time pain of frozen shoulder. Take them close to bedtime

Reduce Day Time Movement

  • Excess movement during the day increases inflammation and pain during…



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