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Did you know that you can hum your way to better health! Sounds a little simplistic I know! Like you, I was skeptical. I know how to hum, everyone knows how to hum. It is not like whistling, some can, others can not. We hum without even thinking, without much effort. In fact, when we hear our favorite song, or a catchy new jingle, we hum almost involuntarily. Maybe even the thought of humming makes you want to hum, like saying the word YAWN or BLINK, we almost can not help ourselves. I think you know what I mean.

The medical profession has discovered the almost supernatural powers of humming to include reduced pain and stress and general improvement of health. And here is the scientific proof. Two doctors at the Karalinska Institute in Stockholm have well documented research to substantiate the simple act of humming increased the concentration of nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is found in the paranasal sinuses. This increase was a whooping 15 percent.

So what is the big deal with nitric acid. If you have heard of neurotransmitters then you know how important these are to your health. You have probably also heard of serotonin, dopamine, and epinephrine. These transmitters are implicated in anxiety and depression and are almost household names.

Well, move over you three. Nitric Oxide is flexing its muscle. Also identified as a neurotransmitter, this important chemical ensures optimum ventilation of the sinuses and prevents any kind of blockages between the two cavities. This in turn helps to boost ones general health and well being in a big way. But wait, there is so much more.

If you are still skeptical then lets take a quick look at the famous book: The Humming Effect: Sound and Healing for Health and Happiness. This is what is said: Conscious humming helps to reduce stress and blood pressure, and to increase lymphatic circulation and melatonin production. And you know what melatonin does, it helps you sleep. That is all I needed to hear.

Humming releases endorphins and nitric oxide and creates new neural pathways in the brain. We all have within us the most powerful instrument for healing and that is our voice; the most powerful of which is the hum.

When you hum, your body begins to vibrate. So does your brain. A vibrating body and brain is happy. Peace, happiness and contentment can be found in this state. And isn’t that what we all want.

So here are the 12 IMMEDIATE EFFECTS of humming. And feel free to hum along as you read.

Your mind will be clearer and concentration improved.

You will become more creative. (Great for writers)

Stress increases cortisol. Humming will lower it.

You will ward of that common cold as your immune system strengthens.

Your body and mind will relax.

Your high blood pressure will lower as will your heart rate.

Don’t we all want to sleep better!

Chronic pain will be reduced.

Watching your cholesterol. Hum away and watch your numbers drop.

And just generally feel healthier.

So what are you waiting for. Start right this second. I will help you. One day I hummed Follow the Yellow Brick Road, you know the one, from the Wizard of Oz. I hummed it for three hours straight on a drive home from our cottage. While stuck in traffic I just hummed away. I can honestly say it put a smile on my face and definitely reduced my stress level. I hummed high, I hummed low, I hummed fast and I hummed slow. It was impossible to be stressed and humming at the same time.

You don`t need to join a gym, change your diet, take supplements, or run for miles. All you need to do is hum; simple, free, healthy!

I would love to know what your favorite hum-along-song is! Are you humming it right now. Enjoy!



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Janice Tovey

Janice Tovey


My passion is writing. I also love reading, teaching, animals, nature, music, and humor. I am curious about everything and enjoy writing about all things.