I Am a Misfit; And I Am OK With It

Janice Tovey
2 min readDec 30, 2021

Authentic, unique, creative

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I probably owe my creative bent and proclivity for writing to my inherent misfit status.

And I am good with that. Actually I am grateful.

I was not the popular girl in high school. In fact quite the opposite. I didn’t know why but I didn’t really fit in.

I have a bizarre sense of humor. I think I am hilarious and so do the people who get me.

In college, when everyone else was out socializing, I was sitting in the gorgeous quiet library with the big glass windows. The whir of the copier machines and quiet whispers was my new found family. I was surrounded by books. It gave me comfort. I was happy. I loved it.

I found a definition of the word misfit:

Misfits are passionate about things, but not those of widespread interest or meaning to others. They tend to be more sensitive and creative than most conforming individuals.

I am writing on Medium. I don’t tell people. They don’t understand this new found passion. This need to express myself, be heard, and connect with other writers. And how dependent I have become on this creative endevour.

My quite solace. My oasis of peace. Tap, tap, tap before the sun rises or late in the evening. Alone with my thoughts, my words, my alliteration, simile, and metaphor, tap, tap, tap. Like a rush of cool water or a breathe of fresh air. My brain is smiling and my heart feels light.

I believe misfits are cool, creative, authentic, sensitive, quietly intelligent and introspective beings.

For me, being a misfit is the best fit of all.

Janice Tovey

My passion is writing. I also love reading, teaching, animals, nature, music, and humor. I am curious about everything and enjoy writing about all things.