I Am a New Writer and Earned $6.00 in 2021

And it is only going to get better

Janice Tovey
2 min readJan 6, 2022


I hope you like my image. It reflects how I am feeling at the start of another year.




And determined to have an even more successful 2022.

I joined Medium in September 2021. I didn’t start writing consistently until November.

I have over 900 followers and 100 stories.

I make myself write everyday. I write from the heart; I read your work; I publish without perfection; and I have joined a few publications.

Write everyday: Be consistent. Jot down some ideas for articles. Write half of a story. Brainstorm. Do an outline for a post. Momentum builds momentum. Get into the daily writing habit.

Write from the heart: I received the most views from articles I wrote almost spontaneously. I talked about the importance of engaging with the Medium community. Making yourself known by responding to others with reads and responses. Write about what matters to you.

Support fellow writers: Read their stuff. Follow new writers. Share you expertise. Build a positive Medium community to benefit everyone.

Publish before Perfect: The name of one of my most successful articles. Don’t waste time searching for the perfect word or phrase. Get your work out there. Hit that publish button.

Join publications: Joining publications has increased my readership. It is also a great way to improve you writing skills. Most publications have strict editing guidelines. This forces you to become a better writer.

I hope you are feeling hopeful and optimistic too! Keep writing, keep engaging, and keep improving.

Never give up!



Janice Tovey

My passion is writing. I also love reading, teaching, animals, nature, music, and humor. I am curious about everything and enjoy writing about all things.