If You Know the Why You Can Better Handle the How

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Janice Tovey


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If you know the WHY of your life you are better equipped to handle the HOW.

Many times, in life we get obsessed with the HOW of things rather than the WHY. We become fixated with WHAT action we are going to take to achieve our desired outcome.

The most common question tends to be:

HOW am I going to do that to get what I desire?

The quality of our actions is important. This is where the question of WHY comes in. The WHY question naturally leads us into one of the most important questions.


WHY am I engaging in this behavior?

Many times, the WHY question equates to the PURPOSE question.

Answering the PURPOSE question always fuels more determination, excitement, passion, and energy to the HOW and WHAT.

Take the time to answer the following questions:


  • Why are the goals in your life important? Why are your desires and wants meaningful? Why do you exist and what would it take to create an inspiring life?
  • Why is your existence the way it is? Why are you living day to day the way you are? Why is this chosen path of life important to you? Is it a choice?
  • Why do you unconsciously or consciously repeat specific habits and behaviors? Are you aware of your repetitive patterns?
  • Why did you choose your career? Why do you engage in the work that you do? Why does it matter?

If your answers to these questions align with your core beliefs and you feel motivated and inspired by your responses, you are on the path to an authentic life.

If, however, you feel uneasy about your answers it may be time to take a step back and think about your life’s direction.

Ask WHY?

WHY did these questions make you feel uncomfortable?

Considering the answer will improve the direction of your life and reduce your chances of being blindsided by disappointment.

If you know the WHY you can always handle the HOW!

Maybe little kids have it right.

They are always asking WHY?

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