Kangaroo Citing in My Neighborhood

I live in Canada

Janice Tovey


Photo by Suzuha Kozuki on Unsplash

There have been several reports of a kangaroo seen in my neighborhood. I live in a wooded area with a stream running through in Canada. While we have our share of racoons, squirrels, chipmunks, possums, coyote, red fox, Mallard ducks and herons, this is a first.

It is all over the local news and community Facebook. No zoo has claimed responsibility, so it is quite the mystery. No one seems to have a clue where this poor animal came from. Was someone keeping a kangaroo illegally and it has escaped.

I feel very bad for this animal. It is freezing cold here, the roads are packed with cars moving fast, and I can’t fathom how one would catch a kangaroo.

We have been warned to keep our distance.

To top it off, I was walking as usual through my local park yesterday. It is surrounded by dense bush and has a stream running through. It was just before dusk, and I was headed home on the path adjacent to the forest. Didn’t a head pop out of the trees ten feet ahead and then pop back in and disappear.

Sure, I had just seen for the first time a deer, I raced home to tell my husband what I had had the fortune to glimpse.

Photo by Benjamin Raffetseder on Unsplash

This is when I learned the news about the kangaroo. I watched video clips of this kangaroo, and the head of a kangaroo looks strikingly like that of a deer.

There is a helpline for this kangaroo. If spotted one is advised to report the citing. So, I did. I explained where I lived and what I had seen. They said it was a bit far from the first citing, so they doubted that this was the animal and thanked me for calling. It really wasn’t that far. I guess they are just waiting for similar calls.

It is so frustrating because I know in my heart that it was the kangaroo! We don’t have deer in the park. Never have!

I am just heading out for my morning walk along my usual path.

While I don’t really want to run into a kangaroo on my daily stroll, I do hope and pray that this precious animal is found soon and returned safely to its home.

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